Nicky’s ceramics range from contemporary home wares to quirky, hand built pieces. They reflect her passion for nature and all things coastal. Owls & Pussycats are also a favourite theme. Fresh work evolves in the process of exploring new media and techniques, such as experimenting with printing on clay and mark making to enhance textures. For example, seed heads and leaves from Nicky’s garden or collected fabrics from her studio are used to press into clay to add texture and provide a key for colour.

Indigo Sgraffito ware is decorated by carving through a special recipe cobalt based slip into the unfired clay. This transforms into soft hues of blues and grey under the fired creamy matt white glaze. The Umbels series vases & plaques use paper & wax resist techniques. Other pieces are more folk art inspired in design and may have decoration painted onto the unfired glaze, in the ancient tradition of Maiolica ware. Tiles & plaques in a variety of designs can be used as wall hangings or commissioned as panels.

Please contact Nicky if you would like more information. Commissions welcomed and she is always happy to discuss ideas and specifications with clients.