Most work involves utilising a varying combination of techniques, firings, underglazes, clays, slips and glazes fired to either earthenware or stoneware temperatures in my electric kiln.

I use mainly stoneware and porcelain clays for thrown and textural hand built pieces, exploring reactions of engobes, glazes and oxides in firings to 1260°C.

This year I have continued to develop the coastal thread that runs throughout much of my ceramics, whether sculptural, decorative or functional. Fresh work evolves in the process of exploring new media and techniques, such as experimenting with printing on clay and extrusion whilst designing the Fishing Cottages.

To complement this work, I make a range of decorative thrown ware. Some bowls are slip decorated, using paper resist for seagulls and fish or they may be incised and painted with underglaze colours. Other pieces are more folk art inspired in design and may have decoration painted with oxides and pigments onto the unfired glaze, in the ancient tradition of Maiolica ware. The choice of clay and firing temperature determines the result.

My latest range of Indigo stoneware is decorated by incising through a special recipe cobalt based slip. This transforms into soft hues of blues and grey under the fired creamy matt white glaze.

Seed heads and leaves from the garden or fabrics from the studio are used to press into clay to add texture to vases, jugs, relief plaques and hanging panels. Fennel or textile impressed clay tile triptychs combine beads and driftwood; majolica plaques and tiles are mounted on distressed wooden blocks as wall hangings.

A variety of work in different styles is always available and certain ranges can be made to order. Each piece is unique so will be similar to, but not an exact copy of, previous pieces.

Please contact me if you would like more information. Commissions welcomed and I am always happy to discuss ideas and specifications with clients.