Jewellery & Mixed Media

Shown here is a changing selection of 2D and 3D artworks in various or combined media incorporating traditional art techniques of printmaking, drawing and painting as well as a variety of wearable or decorative ceramic pieces.

Drawing always underpins arts practice and is the perfect way to understand form and develop ideas. At other times, I simply allow the creative process to flow and take pleasure in seeing where the journey takes me… whether it results in creating pictures and prints or works from clay.

Ceramics can become even better when partnered with other materials, such as carefully selected beads, shells and driftwood. Jewellery is a constantly evolving range, the most recent being a small and exclusive range of ‘Boho Chic’ Leaf bracelets. A range of earrings and porcelain and fused glass pendants and brooches are always available to order.

Framed ceramic box frame pictures and ceramic gift cards utilise hand made and coloured papers.

Currently limited edition artist prints are available of Owl Collograph, Marpessa (Sea Nymph) aquatint and Roses cold needle etching . Limited edition signed giclee prints are available of Orlando (46cm x 34cm).

Recent work also appears on my Facebook page. Please contact me if you would like to know more about my work or where different works are currently available to view or purchase. Commissions welcome.