My passion for making ceramics both inspired by and for the garden continues. Figurative sculptures are still a significant part of my work, though larger pieces are only made to commission. On a smaller scale, I love the immediacy and magic of creating unique characters and scenes in the form of garden planters, sculptured heads and plaques and these pieces are often available from my garden studio.

Sculptures destined for the garden are individually made from robust clays which are high fired to give strength and frost resistance. The range is very varied: from small terracotta wall decorations and birds, fish and bathers on canes and wires to unique relief plaques and head planters or figures modelled in the round. Surface decoration may be simple allowing the warmth and beauty of the clay to complement the piece.

Alternatively, I may use a carefully layered combination of engobes, underglazes, oxides and semi matt glazes to enhance textures. Such work will weather gracefully over the years and provide a complimentary foil to the seasonal changes of the outdoor setting.

I employ a white firing stoneware or grogged bodies to make other sculptural interior pieces and animals.

Lower fired smaller sculptures will require some weather protection – however they are well suited to interiors. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Commissions welcomed and I am always happy to discuss ideas and specifications with clients.