Nicky is an artist and inspirational teacher who works creatively with clay and  art media.

Her work reveals many influences, amongst these are folk art, mythology, theatre and Middle Eastern art as well as the beautiful coastline of her surroundings. These interwoven themes have all had a lasting impact on the style and content of her work, particularly her sculptural bas relief plaques.

A significant body of Nicky’s recent work has been sculptural and figurative commission pieces for various clients’ gardens.

Alongside these sculptural pieces, Nicky’s hand built and thrown decorative ware is constantly evolving and has become very collectable. She enjoys stretching the capabilities of the various clays she uses, as well as experimenting with glazes and surface decoration. Much of this work has its origins in coastal, nautical and seaside imagery.

These factors have all combined to produce a wide ranging body of work, varying in scale from ceramic jewellery to statues and encompassing a variety of techniques in her art works. Enquiries for bespoke pieces are welcomed.

Latest from my blog

Ekphrasis : Violetta

Introducing Violetta,my response to Rosie Sandler’s poem entitled ‘Losing your Temper’. She is a society lady, who has been taking herself a little too seriously. She is wearing her favourite  fascinator to one of ‘The Season’s’ events and has discovered that a bird has had the cheek to nest in it. Her initial reaction was anger,but she soon realises the … Continue reading Ekphrasis : Violetta »

Poetry & Art Project

Time to turn my attention once more to making my piece for a collaborative project between Mosaic Stanza Group and Colchester Artists project .This is a partnership between local visual artists on an ‘Ekphrasis’ project in which one art form responds to another. The project was launched in February 2016 and partners were randomly chosen. In total there are 19 … Continue reading Poetry & Art Project »

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