Poetry & Art Project

Time to turn my attention once more to making my piece for a collaborative project between Mosaic Stanza Group and Colchester Artists project .This is a partnership between local visual artists on an ‘Ekphrasis’ project in which one art form responds to another.

The project was launched in February 2016 and partners were randomly chosen. In total there are 19 partnerships. These pairs then exchanged previously completed poems and art.

New poetry and art was then made in response to the work exchanged. The deadline for completion is November 2016 and the finished pieces are to be  exhibited at the Minories Gallery Colchester and to be published in a book in 2017 .

I am one of the participating pairs that will be going to Aldeburgh, Suffolk to read and present their poetry and art. They will describe to the audience how they exchanged ideas and the unexpected rewards, challenges and insights gained from the process of this artistic exchange. Each partnership will present the original poem and piece of art and also the poem and art made in response to the first. Here is Rosie Sandler’s poem that I am responding to:

Losing Your Temper

You folded away your anger

in your breast pocket

beside the pack of tissues

and the ball-point pen.

You forgot it was there.

It went through the wash

so many times

it lost its teeth.

When you drew it out at last

it was a wasted figure

gumming the air

laughing at its own jokes.

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